Promotional Package

He is a frequent keynote speaker for conventions. 
Sponsors have said this about Rick Olson:

..."very funny" 

..."has great information" 

..."he is so easy to work with!"

Rick works with companies as a facilitator 
and trainer.
Here is what some have said:

"You inspired our people to think differently"

"There is a noticeable difference in how we now approach service"

"The interpersonal activities were terrific!"

As a consultant, Rick has helped many companies move through change, develop their service program, or increase their management effectiveness. 
Here are some comments:

"Thanks to your insights, our people took ownership of the problem" 

"Action teams you suggested are coming up with great things" 

"The combination of the training and the book we read is having a big impact!"

Keynote Speaking...

"Rick Olson was the perfect speaker for our national sales convention. We are big on training at Target, [and] our people thought he was exceptional. Many have used him in their regional meetings."

- Target

Facilitation & Training...

"The impact of your message on the morale and attitude of our staff was truly amazing . . . . Thank you Rick, for helping us turn things around here at District Memorial Hospital."

- District Memorial Hospital


"We had just been through a merger of two credit unions. Two different states -- two different cultures. You did a fantastic job of helping us navigate through the change. Thanks to your great work, the 'us-them' talk is done and we are all on the same sheet of music. Our people are energized, pro-active and helping us [by] serving on creative committees you helped organize. We will definitely be working with you again in the future."

- Mid-States Corporate Federal Credit Union

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